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I used Social Ad Ninja on several occasions in 2012 and early 2013. With a discount code, I paid around $80 per month for a couple of months to access the service.

Social Ad Ninja is more of a tool than a course. But it does have a course component in the form of numerous tutorials, such as how to set up an affiliate campaign using Facebook ads.

Social Ad Ninja is a spy tool that provides access to a database of thousands of right column ads that have appeared in Facebook.

One of the tutorials in Social Ad Ninja laid out the steps involved in running a dating affiliate offer on Facebook.

I gave this a shot and spent quite a bit of time creating campaigns, trying out US and foreign dating offers.

But in the end I ended up losing money in the highly competitive dating market.

Why didn't it work for me? And what could Social Ad Ninja do to improve?

A Big problem for me was getting Facebook to approve my ads. Facebook seems to be very inconsistent and random in their ad approval, with rather tame ads getting disapproved while more risque ads were getting thru by other marketers.

To make Social Ad Ninja better, more tutorials/info for affiliates who may not necessarily be new to affiliate marketing, but perhaps new to Facebook ad marketing to CPA offers.

For example, to play this game of using Facebook ads to promote CPA offers, you need a supply of GOOD Facebook accounts.

"Good" seems to mean aged accounts that appear to be "normal", that is, used by a regular person with friends and status updates and all that normal user stuff done over time.

Because when you start getting too many disapprovals, you can get the ax at any moment and get your Facebook account banned.

And new accounts can get closed down if you are requested for a government ID to verify your Facebook account and you used a fake name.

At least this was my experience in my couple months of playing this game.

Also to play this game, you need some education (or a bunch of "learning" money).

Stack That Money forum is good for that, as I checked them out for a while and took tons of notes with much stuff to implement.

So if I can go from "learning" to "earning" on Facebook ads and CPA offers, I can see returning to Social Ad Ninja (and Stack That Money) for more data and hopefully become a regular monthly subscriber because that would mean I'm profitable.