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I was on a webinar hosted by Mr Keyword Rockstar (aka Jon Shugart) circa 2012.

The webinar was about how to make money with Facebook paid ads.

Very interesting webinar - Jon and his guests laid out in great detail a strategy to profit from Facebook ads:

1.Use Facebook Spy tool

2.Clone winning campaigns

3.Rinse & repeat

So I thought, well, I've tried Facebook ads before with little to no success, but this sounds different.

I didn't have much confidence in what I was doing with Facebook ads earlier, but this webinar really got the light bulb glowing.

The strategy laid out by Jon and Guests was not only effective apparently, but it was really simple.

That's when I decided to give Facebook ads one more go.

So with the aid of Facebook spy tool, I started my first Facebook campaign this week testing Jon & Co.'s strategy.

Day 1 results were not bad ROI! Never mind that this is very early data and not yet statistically significant!

But with a conversion so early on, it makes me believe that there's something to this strategy/system.

During Jon's webinar, I felt confident about Facebook ads for the first time ever.

Now even more so after my first glimpse into the data bought from Facebook.

After some time, the campaign took a negative turn, as did others. These campaigns seem to fizzle out rather quickly. Ads need to be refreshed often.