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I was part of Arbitrage Conspiracy 1.0 in January 2009.

Arbitrage Conspiracy was a training program for generating income online by promoting products using paid advertising. It was my first exposure to PPC affiliate marketing and CPA networks.

So coming from that background, I was destined to learn something certainly. And I did.

I kept up with the weekly format and went through the entire course.

At the end of it in late March/early April of the same year, I felt I still needed more.

Right around that time, Gauher Chaudry was offering his PPC Formula 2.0 course.

With a 60 day money back guarantee, i jumped on that all quick-like.

It was a natural progression because Gauher is more advanced in his teachings than Arbitrage Conspiracy.

He is also many times over a better orator than Emmanuel, the lead instructor in Arbitrage Conspiracy.

As a matter of fact, there is word on the net (unverified) that Aymen and Emmanuel were students of Gauher back in the day.

Congrats to Gauher on the apparently great timing of his offer, coming right at the end Arbitrage Conspiracy 1.0. What else would you expect from a great marketer?


I think the Arbitrage Conspiracy course/community will most benefit people who are newbies to minimal knowledge marketers.

Intermediate and above internet marketers may not gain as much out of it.

The more advanced folks would benefit more from Gauher's PPC Formula 2.0 course/community.

However, the newbie in affiliate internet marketing and CPA networks, like myself, was introduced in the Arbitrage Conspiracy course to many of the fundamentals of internet marketing as well as other aspects of making a business promoting offers online.

One glaring difference between Arbitrage Conspiracy and Gauher is community.

Gauher's course is alone worth the price just for the community. The forum of several years has many advanced folks who share lots of insider knowledge -- very valuable stuff.

Arbitrage Conspiracy added a user forum several weeks into the course to the delight of many users. Now fellow arbitragers could finally collaborate.

Unfortunately the AC forum was taken down during a website update and still isn't available as of Dec. 7, 2009.

It's been several weeks now and the forum has not quite returned "soon" as promised.

That's too bad because the community aspect to a course like this is really valuable.

Without it, you're cut off from all the masterminding jazz the gurus always rave about.

There was a thread on the Arbitrage Conspiracy forum relating to the success rate of the students who were in Arbitrage Conspiracy 1.0.

As I recall, the stats were something like this: 75% lost money and only 5% made big money. The rest either broke even or made a little money.

These results seem to run contrary to the AC claim during the pre-launch marketing blitz that everyone who was shown the AC system made money.

It will be interesting to see if this thread will be included in the revamped forum, which is supposed to retain all the old postings.

One disappointment with Arbitrage Conspiracy was the promise of prizes for the best video testimonials of AC sent in at the end of the course.

It was stated back in March that winners would be announced "soon", but it's December now and no announcement of winners yet.

The cost of the course was rather steep at $2,000.