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  • 1-time fee of $47
  • Optional texting-focused e-book for $9.95
  • Optional personal coaching for $97/month
  • Optional supplementary e-book and video bundle for $99.95

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

It's About Science & Psychology

For thousands of men, the Ex Factor system by relationship guru Brad Browning has been the ticket to getting back with their ex girlfriend.

Apparently the reason for the system's success is that Browning has it down to a science. Literally.

After 10 years as a relationship coach following an education in social psychology and relationship dynamics, Browning went through thousands of case studies and client files and noticed distinct patterns that brought success.

He then went to work documenting this knowledge with an emphasis on the psychological & scientific aspects of restoring relationships.

The painstaking process took no less than four years to complete.

It must have been worth it because the result has been the #1 ex back program on the Clickbank marketplace for several years running - NO SMALL FEAT!

As a result, Ex Factor has produced an almost cult-like following of successful clients with TESTIMONIALS like these:

What Makes This System Work?

As mentioned already, utilizing science is the key with the Ex Factor method.

A lot of it is about getting inside your ex girlfriend's head.

For instance, Ex Factor explains techniques on how to trigger a chemical reaction in the subconscious part of her mind, which is responsible for things like physical and romantic attraction.

Pretty deep stuff.

Knowing this, you can make her focus on the intimate experiences she enjoyed when your relationship was still in the so-called 'magical' phase.

The whole idea behind this system is that humans are slaves to their biochemistry

Rather than trying to deal with a women's left side of the brain - the rational part - by using logic and reasoning, it's more effective to get what you want by engaging the right side of her brain - the emotional part.

Crucial to this is what Ex Factor describes as the "3R System" - a 3-step process of Recovery, Rekindling, and Re-Attraction.

This involves tapping into the emotional center of the brain to suppress negative memories, generate desire for romantic commitment, and spark powerful feelings of sexual arousal.

It almost seems like an unfair advantage, but understanding how the psychology works makes it all possible. And based on the numerous testimonials, it appears to be quite effective.

These techniques all lead up to the point of having physical contact again.

At this stage, Ex Factor explains how to touch your ex girlfriend's body in the right spots and to look at her a certain way in order to really fire up the passion in her.

Communication is another huge aspect

There are certain things that need to be said to your ex.

Ex Factor provides key phrases that need to be memorized for the inevitable next encounter, as well as emails and text messages to send her.

As much as what DOES need to be done, there is also advice you may have heard elsewhere but actually SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

This includes topics regarding apologizing, no contact strategies, etc.

And once you do get her back, you need to know how to hold on to her and not lose her again.

All the bases are pretty well covered in the program.

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  • High success rate
  • Inexpensive
  • Numerous bonuses
  • Immediate access online after purchase
  • Risk-free 60-day 100% money-back guarantee (no questions asked)
  • Does take time and effort to implement to be successful


What does the Ex Factor system consist of exactly?

It is a comprehensive, in-depth educational program with information and proven techniques covering all necessary aspects of getting back together with an ex-girlfriend. This consists of a member's area with several components (including bonuses), all of which are in digital format and can be viewed on computer, smartphone, tablet, and mobile device. The central guide of the program is a 160-page interactive e-book. There is also a 5-hour audio course, a 3-part video series entitled "Make Her Fall In Love Again", "10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction" bonus e-book, "7 Steps to Sex Appeal" bonus e-book, and "Flawless Physique Fitness Guide" bonus e-book. There is also an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section in the member's area. And if that's not enough, several upgrades are available at additional cost. For example, especially difficult and unique cases may benefit from personal coaching, which is available and highly effective. Extra videos and e-books are available as well.

When is the product delivered?

Access to the entire program is available online immediately after purchase.

Is the program effective for any age group?

Yes. The program is designed for and has been successful for all age groups, from teenagers to seniors.

Will this program work if the breakup with my girlfriend happened more than a year ago?

The reality is that in general, the longer you wait, the less likely you are to getting back together with your ex. However, in some cases a long period of time between breakups may actually be a positive. It all depends on the unique circumstances of each individual situation, and this issue is covered in the program.

Will this program work if I currently live in a different city than my ex-girlfriend?

Most long distance situations make it more difficult to get back together with an ex. But sections of the program do cover things you should do if your ex lives out of town, giving you the best chance possible of reuniting.


For anyone who's spent countless hours searching the internet for free solutions on getting back with their ex-girlfriend, it may be a good idea to consider spending a little money here.


Because you can save the hassle and stress of TRYING TO FIND something that works, and instead start using that time to actually IMPLEMENT something that works.

We say it works because it's hard to argue with success...

Ex Factor has been the top 'get your ex back' product for several years now. It has a proven track record.

Lots of clients rave about it as evidenced by the many testimonials.

And from personal experience, one thing is for certain... The people behind Ex Factor are very responsive and truly care about quality.

IF YOU'RE SERIOUS about getting back with your ex-girlfriend, save your time and try out this product. It's a no-brainer - being fully guaranteed you have nothing to lose. All indications are that it is well worth it.

It's really quite a small investment anyway, especially when you imagine how getting back with that special lady can relieve the pain of heartache and potentially change your life forever.

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