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the UGLIEST website you?ve ever seen... (TONIGHT)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 1:55 PM

From: "Aidan Booth"

Tonight we're holding a very special "one-off" workshop that you're going to want to attend...


Because in the space of 60 minutes, you'll create a blockbuster plan for your business in 2015, AND discover the 3 Critical Components to ensuring you succeed this year.

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This webinar is jam-packed with content, including:

- The 3 critical components that'll MAKE or BREAK your online business

- The horrendously UGLY website that kick-started an online empire (and the BIG lesson you can learn from it)

- The fail-proof business plan that generates MILLIONS per year (year-after-year without fail)

- 7 covert conversion tricks that boost profits for ANY online business (Kindle, Amazon eCom, Affiliate etc...)

- 4 forgotten factors that have a HUGE impact on your bottom line (these are CRITICAL to the planning process)

- A 'model' set-and-forget website that's pulled in 5-figures (use this as your own template!)

- Surprising split-test data (and the FREE tool that'll boost your conversions by 50% or more)

- My little known 'rags-to-riches' story that reveals the fast-track to online success (you'll be surprised)

- And MUCH more...

If you're looking to kick-start your year, then look no further, because this exclusive training will give you a HUGE head-start in 2015.

We've also got a range of cool PRIZES to give away during the Workshop and ALL attendees will get a free gift just for showing up!

Do NOT miss this:

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Speak later,

Aidan and Steve

P.S. I'm also going to share my 'eBay story', about my first ever 'online venture', and the lesson I learned about selling online which has served me well ever since.

East Taratahi Road, R.D.7, Masterton, Wairarapa 5887, NEW ZEALAND