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An early holiday gift for you...

Monday, December 22, 2014 7:39 PM

From: "Aidan Booth"

I can't impress upon you enough that you MUST quickly read this email.

We are just flat out giving away more than $10k in our annual "The 12 Day Giveaway".

You need to do nothing, buy nothing, promise nothing, heck... you don't even have to pay attention to what we're saying....

But, you do have to quickly sign up.

Click here to do that

Just doing that (it'll take seconds) ensures that you're one of a very small handful of folks that will be winning fantastic prizes over our 12 days of giveaways.

This is our third annual go at this and it's our favorite time of the year.

No one wants to work during that break between Christmas and New Years.

No one even wants to think.

But, you can certainly sit back and let us give you GREAT STUFF!

We start on December 25 and we go for 12 straight days.

Each day, we'll announce a FABULOUS prize and a winner.

In addition, both Steve and I will be sharing personal stories and information that will help close out 2014 and get you ready to dominate in 2015.

No work, no strategies, no tactics, no systems, no products etc

Just things to make you think and the camaraderie of others who are in the same boat (through the blog comments).

This has been hugely popular the last couple of years and we've been itching for round 3 for months now.

It's here and we're ready.

JOIN us today:

Speak soon,

Aidan and Steve

East Taratahi Road, R.D.7, Masterton, Wairarapa 5887, NEW ZEALAND