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Our ASM bonus (...and what to do next)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 4:33 PM

"Aidan Booth"

Hi ,

As you probably know, the 'Amazing Selling Machine' course re-opens tomorrow (Thursday).

It is now time to reveal our bonus package which you will receive if you decide to sign up to ASM through us.

>>> Click here to view the details

There are going to be lots of bonus packages on offer from other people, but honestly, this one is in an ENTIRELY different league because:

1. You will be coached directly from someone who took the original ASM course and is now making $300,000/month in profit. (Can there be ANYTHING more valuable than that?? Nope.)

2. A number of people who got this bonus last time ASM was opened, are now doing 10K, 50K... even $100k per month because of the additional hand holding. (In other words this coaching and being part of this small private group is PROVEN to get incredible results)

>>> See this page for the proof...

3. The bonus is HUGE. By far the biggest and best one we have ever put together. It has 14 parts to it which are all 100% relevant and designed to help you get success, faster. (No iPads or gimmicks etc)

>> Check out the proof and full details on this page

Be ABSOLUTELY sure to sign up to the early bird list. We can only let a limited number of people become part of this private group.


Aidan, Tim, Steve

East Taratahi Road, R.D.7, Masterton, Wairarapa 5887, NEW ZEALAND