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Want PRIVATE coaching with someone making $300K per month? (here's how)

Thursday, April 10, 2014 4:41 PM

From: "Aidan Booth - Page One Evolution"

Hi ,

A couple of days ago, I told you about an opportunity to work DIRECTLY and PRIVATELY with two Amazon entrepreneurs (Ryan and Daniel) who are making more than $300K PROFIT per month selling super-simple products on Amazon.

Read more about that here:

These guys followed the 'Amazing Selling Machine' program last year and built up a HUGE business in a extraordinary short amount of time following the training.

They have also helped countless other people do the same, and their success rate of taking their students (who knew nothing about selling on Amazon previously), and helping them build highly profitable life-changing businesses, is astonishing.

When the doors to ASM open next week, they are offering to hold YOU by the hand and reveal all their secrets (most of which you will NOT find in the standard ASM training)

See 22 testimonials from their current group on this page:

Also, ASM creators Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have just released a new video for you to watch.

In this video they teach you how to find suppliers with just a few simple steps for literally ANY product you EVER want to sell.

...AND, they teach you how you can AUTOMATE an entire business selling products people are already BEGGING to buy using someone else's resources.

Watch this eye-opening video here:

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P.S - This truly is mind-blowing stuff...I hung out with Ryan and Daniel in Austin a few months ago, and their success is quite simply astonishing...

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