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7-Hour Work Week = $29k/m" (Training TODAY - register now...)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 1:34 PM

From: "Aidan Booth - Page One Evolution"

Hi ,

We are running an online class TONIGHT at 7pm ET, and we highly recommend that you attend, if you want to discover how to DOUBLE your income & TRIPLE your free time (which we assume you do!)

Register for the class here:

It's more than a little ironic that one of the biggest reasons why people try to "make money online" is to create more freedom and flexibility in their lives as well as a healthier work-life balance.

...Where as, the reality for most people is that unchaining themselves from their computer can be extremely difficult to do because of the multitude of tasks, communications and general 'juggling' that needs to be done on a daily basis to both maintain the business AND push it forward.

Like we were saying in the email sent out a couple of days ago, there is one common trait that all millionaires, billionaires and other successful business people and entrepreneurs share...

They are all, without exception, MASTERS at Outsourcing... delegation... and time leverage.

The reality is that if you are ever going to get anywhere, become successful, make a lot of money whilst maintaining a good work-life balance, you will need to become a master of this too.

This class, is going to show you how.

Join us today and we'll show you how to work less and earn more.

Register here:

The line will probably be maxed out for this one, so register now, and turn up early!

Speak later,

Aidan, Steve, Tim

San Benito de Palermo 1655, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA