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When I started doing this in 2008, my business DOUBLED...( workshop tomorrow)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 8:57 AM

From: "Aidan [Your First 500]"

Hi there,

I'm hosting an online class on Wednesday (tomorrow) at 7pm ET (7pm New York time), and we highly recommend that you attend.

There is one common trait that all millionaires, billionaires and other successful business people and entrepreneurs share...

They are all, without exception, MASTERS at Outsourcing...delegation... and time leverage.

The reality is that if you are ever going to get anywhere, become successful, make a lot of money whilst maintaining a good work-life balance, you will need to become a master of this too.

This class, is going to show you how.

Register for the class right here:

Yeah, I know it doesnt sound super exciting or even all that important, but TRUST me... this is SUPER SUPER CRITICAL, for your success, health...everything. It will really open your eyes.

Secure your spot now:


Aidan, Tim, Steve

P.S - The FIRST thing I outsourced was article writing... then I started outsourcing SEO, then design, then coding, then project management...

The FIRST step can be a small one, but it can make a HUGE difference, and this one thing single handedly doubled the size of my business in 2008. Now I have a team of 25 people in 3 continents.

You'll find out more on this call - register now.

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