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IMPORTANT - advanced notice about Monday (and 'selfie' from Milan...)

Sunday, April 6, 2014 9:49 AM

From: "Aidan Booth"

Hi ,

I hope you're having a good weekend!

After 4 days in Milan (see 'selfie' attached), my wife and I are now in Paris which will be our home for the next 6 months or so...we're VERY excited to be here :)

Anyway, travel aside, I just wanted to send out a quick email to give you some advanced notice on something that Steve, Tim and I are going to be announcing fully tomorrow.

Honestly, this is one of the most exciting things we've done in ages ...and believe me, you really won't want to miss this.

I'm not going to reveal too much today, but I will give you a quick overview.

Last year, I sent you emails about the 'Amazing Selling Machine' program (ASM), a course that outlines a step-by-step process to successful sell premium (white label) products on Amazon.

(Yes, you have heard about this before... but read on)

If you remember, on the 'bonus' page we set up at the time, there was a testimonial from a guy called Daniel Audunsson who had followed the first ASM course and was currently doing $300,000 per month in PROFIT (not revenue... profit.).

It's an astonishing figure and actually, the numbers are larger now.

Anyway, since the last release of ASM, Daniel, along with his business partner Ryan Coisson have been helping other ASM students grow their Amazon businesses and the results they have had from doing this have been nothing short of insane.

With their help and guidance, many of the people they have been mentoring are now doing 10k, 50k even 100K or more per month from knowing nothing, or next to nothing about selling on Amazon.

On Monday, we are going to reveal how YOU can become part of their group.

(Plus, we are going to be releasing details on a new tool that we have been working on that helps pin-point profitable product opportunities on Amazon.)

That's all for now... I'll have more info about this for you tomorrow.

Look out for the email!



P.S - The 'selfie' attached is from Milan.

I was TRULY surprised by Milan, it exceeded all my expectations. My wife and I rented a car and traveled around Italy for a month a couple of years ago but never got to Milan. We're REALLY happy we got there this time around!!

It's an amazing city with loads of great restaurants and tourist attractions. If we're connected on Facebook, I'll share some pics with you in the next week or so... if not, you can connect with me by going to and clicking the "Like" button.

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