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[WORKSHOP] How to generate $1,000 in UNDER 60 days (works EVERY time)

Thursday, May 8, 2014 3:26 PM

From: "Aidan Booth - Page One Evolution"

Hi there,

On MONDAY evening, I'm going to spill the beans on EXACTLY how you can build a $1,000/month income stream in UNDER 60 days...GUARANTEED.

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In this live training session, you'll discover:

- The brutally effective 60-Day Gameplan that'll FORCE you to start making money FAST.

- The breakthrough money generating 7-Step System that works EVERY single time it's deployed...

- Revealed: A $10,000 niche & the EXACT product that's earned $1000's on complete Auto-Pilot...

- The REAL secret to making an absolute killing with Kindle...(HINT: You do NOT do it by selling books...)

- The 5-part niche research process, and how this can COMPLETELY guarantee your success...

- The SINGLE fastest way to build a $1000/month income, and why you need to unleash it NOW.

- And MUCH more...

This is going to be a HUGELY popular workshop, it's something people have been screaming out to hear about for MONTHS, so register RIGHT NOW to reserve your spot:

Talk soon,


P.S - This is the EXACT system that my wife has used to build a $2,000/month income in the past few months.

P.P.S - This is a "one-off" workshop... if you want to find out about the system, then we strongly recommend you attend. I have no plans of doing an 'encore'.

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