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Trinity Code was an internet marketing product in 2013 sold by Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth.

It touted a system in which affiliate commissions could be generated by creating simple websites.

The system consisted of several elements. One was a (buggy) Wordpress theme to build websites. The theme was very basic and there was nothing special about it. Any free theme would do. Also included was a rudimentary graphics editor to make banner ads for our websites. Another element was access to an in-house 'seal of approval' maker which created badges to display on our sites. These badges gave the (false) impression that our sites were legitimate because they're 'verified' with a fancy looking graphic image of a badge.

The websites to be built were thin affiliate sites of a 4-5 pages, consisting of a landing page selling the product, as well as ancillary pages that Google and others like to see such as Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.

The landing page promoting the product was a simple page full of links to the affiliate product being promoted. Content for the site was simply to be taken from the website of the actual product. This included things like images, videos, and testimonials.

So once our thin affiliate site was set up, how to get traffic to it?

Through some magical software.

Trinity Code included a piece of software that Steve Clayton raved on and on about that would scour the web for opportunities where we could place links to our landing page. The software would find highly relevant web sites for our links, which would drive highly relevant traffic to our sites.

This traffic software, according to Steve, was so valuable and exclusive that if he would ever consider opening access to it outside our exclusive Trinity Code group, he would surely charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars monthly for the privilege of accessing it due to its incredible powers and superior value (several months later Steve was seen selling the software for a one-time fee south of $100).

Now it was just a matter of finding a product to promote on Clickbank or somewhere, borrowing elements from its website to create our landing page, and utilizing the highly valuable traffic software of Steve's to flood our site with pin-point relevant traffic.

The system called for researching for a target niche following the Trinity Code criteria, then building 3 websites, each promoting a different product in the proven profitable niche we found.

I picked the 'legal' niche as it fulfilled the criteria set out by the system.

Following the system step-by-step, I registered 3 keyword-rich domains relating to the legal niche. Then I built 3 sites each promoting a legal product. Finally I used the traffic software to find relevant places on the internet where I could place links to my site and get loads of traffic without reliance upon the finicky Google. This non-reliance on Google for traffic was a majorly featured selling point of the traffic software.

Everthing was set up according to plan, including links from websites found by our magical traffic software.

Unfortunately, sales were not coming in. And support for Trinity Code was of strikingly low quality for such an expensive program.

The verdict: Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth are capable of producing products and services of very low standard. Such was the case with this $3,000 Trinity Code product, which was not worth even one tenth of the price tag. Perhaps a more appropriate name for the product would have been something like "Newbie Trapper."

Competitive Intelligence

The ability to sell terrible products for a high price is a prized skill.

So it is worth noting the methods used by such practioners in order to apply them when running marketing campaigns. Below are sales emails used by Steve and Aiden.

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