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Clem, this week's cool marketing gems and tactics...

Friday, April 28, 2017 6:09 PM

From: "Gauher Chaudhry"

Hey Clem,

Hope you had a awesome week and sorry I haven't been in touch for a while.

Thought I'd leave you with these marketing gems and tactics for the week.

1. Look at your existing sales copy and see where you can turn content into impactful bullet points. We found a life in conversions by placing content in the form of bullet points (rather then small paragraphs) on our optin pages.

2. Use an online service like or to clean out bad emails before they even hit your email service provider. Yes, these services can do real-time validation of email addresses at point of submission on your optin forms. This is important if you are using single-optin to build your email list.

3. We found that using logos on sales pages for cold traffic dropped conversions. Consumers equate logos with companies and brands. We're guessing that this was sending a signal that they were going to be sold to.

4. Simplify your online business. Sometimes as marketers we have grand dreams and get to excited about our own ideas. We end up over-complicating our entire business and marketing models. This ends up sabotaging our own success and focus. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

5. Always split-test pricing. I had a friend who doubled his membership continuity program from $19 to $39 and the conversion rate stayed exactly the same. Figure that one out.

6. A Forbe magazine study of the top 400 richest people showed that the vast majority of these individuals made their fortunes from a main business. Not real estate, not stocks or other investments. So if you currently run your own business, your heading in the right direction.

7. Learning never stops. Attend live marketing events, read blog posts and for heaven's sake, finish going through the traning course you paid good money for.

8. Don't get over engrossed in your online business that you are completely oblivious to everything around you. A 23-month old running around the house with a black sharpie pen in his hand will enforce this lesson in your head.

Have a great weekend!


Gauher Chaudhry

P.S. My team just finished going through this entire training course and are ready to launch our first fan page contest giving away a Bugaboo stroller in the baby market. Watch the replay before it is removed on May 2.