MAR. 9

Here's what I've learned so far with all this Arbitrage Conspiracy stuff.

A Golden nugget occurs when you have a good combo of 3 elements: keyword, ad, offer.

The keyword is the bridge from the ad to the offer. The keyword is the most important element because having a good ad isn't too difficult to do. Nor is finding a decent offer.

But finding that really good keyword to tie all three elements together into a profit machine, that's the tough part.

So we try throwing out a big net into google or wherever and harvesting keywords of value. Most are worthless and discarded as we pan for gold.

For us beginners it may take 20 or 30 or more attempts of harvesting keywords before a nugget is found, it seems.

For me, any edge I can find regarding keywords seems like a golden nugget in itself.

Arbitrage Conspiracy offers a lot of good info on keywords and mining 'em.

But lately I'm constantly on the lookout for even more keyword info.

Wordtracker has what appears to be a nice little mini course on keywords available. And it's free!

I already went through the first lesson and it's very good.

Anyone listen to the Clickbooth webinar last week Wednesday? If not, I suggest checking out the recording of it when available on the Clickbooth blog site. The webinar featured Chris Carpenter, creator of Google Cash. His new product, which is being released this week, sounds like it may take out most if not all of the drudgery of finding nuggets. The product is a subscription to his software, which is an extensive database. It contains a couple million keywords (so far), along with all affiliate advertising/campaigns etc. tied to those keywords. It scours the internet twice daily to update this database. Looks impressive!


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