MAR. 8

Just finished viewing the last of Week 9 videos, and I'm floored by the content.

What a bunch of great stuff in there!

Man, I can't wait to try out some of the tactics revealed. This only spells more profits, even if it's for my one lonely current nug.

Speaking of which, nugget #3 is humming along like a dynamo.

It's been over 6 days with this nugget, and it's currently making over $40 per day net profit. That's well over $14k a year, so I'm not complaining.

And there's much more tweaks available to boost those figures.

Only two more such nugs and you've already got the salary of many working stiffs covered.

Since the beginning of this nugget, I've been able to increase the revenues by about 50% simply by adding a dozen or so related keywords to the campaign. I got the keywords by the creativity factor Emmanuel has eluded to. In this case, I broke the keyword down into smaller pieces and began thinking of the ways each piece can be manipulated.


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