MAR. 4

Golden nugget #3, which is the third golden nugget I've found since starting the AC course, is my first sustainable nugget. It's day 4 and it's still going strongly. The first two G-nugs I found petered out pretty quickly.

Last night at about 4am Amsterdam time, I stumbled into a potential gold mine boost for this nug.

Using google's keyword tool, I found three variations of my golden nugget keyword. According to the tool, these 3 keywords have just as much or more traffic per month than my current G-nug. And they all have low advertiser competition.

So theoretically I should have a bump up of 300% in profits with these additional 3 G-nug variations.

I quickly added the keywords into my campaigns on google and msn, creating a separate ad group for each additional keyword, and of course 2 split ads.

Being six hours ahead of Eastern US time where everyone was getting ready for bedtime, I'll have to wait a few hours to see if the 3 new potential nugs pan out.

Sure hope so!


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