MAR. 3

Here's an update to golden nugget #3, which started making some money a couple days ago.

When I discovered this nugget, it was part of a rotator offers campaign, which consisted of a couple offers and about 2 dozen keywords.

I immediately paused all other keywords and got rid of the rotator, using only one offer - the best converting offer from the rotator.

This optimization tactic has led to the following results for this nug in the last 50 hours:


140% rate of return

12.5% conversion rate (83/662)

$110.20 revenue

$33.02 ad costs google (22.82% CTR 317/1389)

$12.35 ad costs msn (46.22% CTR 208/450)


I think the conversion rate is actually higher because the network seems to include more clicks than actually occur.

How to squeeze out more money from this nugget?

Keep optimizing split ads, and find new sources of traffic to hit up. I'll look more into the content networks, because on google I'm not using it for this nugget.

Also asking the affiliate manager whether they can pay you more sometimes works. I called up mine and got an extra 7% for this one.

I told her look, I'm making a good number of leads on this offer here and I'm thinking about expanding, can you bump me up a little? I also mentioned I'm looking at other networks too. You gotta sell yourself somehow.

I was reading something today from a PPC guru who said adding more keywords is also a thing to do to help ramp up a profitable campaign. I may look into that.


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