MAR. 14

Being in a small village overseas, internet service can be sketchy.

Such was the case this past week, as the service went out much more frequently than normal, including all day yesterday and a couple long outages the day before.

Anyway I got module 4 of the free WordTracker keyword ebook a couple days ago.

Very nice stuff.

Here's a good quote from it relating to PPC:

"The higher the number of keywords you start with, the higher your chances of quickly finding the ones that are going to bring you the greatest return on investment."

So I understand now why Arbitrage Conspiracy uses SpyFu.

Arbitrage Conspiracy deals with both long term and short term monetization. Short term of course is PPC to CPA. Long term is back end affiliate offers.

If you go long term with a website to promote offers, you need SEO for organic traffic.

Here's more great sounding advice relating to long term stuff from the ebook:

"Keywords that get high impressions (in PPC campaigns) but do not convert well may be ideal candidates for organic optimization."

No more new nuggets to report. Nugget #3 has dropped off in daily revenue. I'll have to look more closely to get some details.


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