FEB. 24

The goal here is to document my progress (or lack thereof) as I follow the Arbitrage Conspiracy course.

So far I've been keeping up with all the material as it's presented in the course. Today we enter Week 8, and I hope to go through all the videos right away.

Yesterday was the last day of Yanik Silver's Underground 5 conference in our nation's capital, which I attended. That day inspired me to start this website.


Because it was the day Aymen made his appearance at the conference. Also because of the special lunch that was given for us AC members, who numbered around 20 or so.

At that lunch, I had the pleasure of sitting with a fellow member who is making a couple K daily with the system. Hats off partner!

Us members asked him questions on his methods. He had some good strategic info and you can't argue with success.

Someone mentioned that an online forum would be helpful - to share information, experiences, tactics, etc. For example, there was mention of the need for more insight on using the content network.

Now to the meat of the matter.

Here's what was said during lunch as I remember it. I'm going by memory and it was hard to hear at times, so if there's anything inaccurate here and you were at our table during the discussions, please let me know and I'll acknowledge any corrections.

The successful member fellow doesn't go for hundreds of keywords to start a campaign. He instead goes for only a handful, relying heavily on keywords that google suggests during setup of campaign.

He likes to use the content network a lot, and setting up content campaigns separately from search campaigns. He was getting good keywords for only two cents on content network. Raising the bid another penny actually hurt his campaign. Lowering the bid back down to two cents brought back better returns.

For initial campaign testing, he likes to use daily spend limit of only $2-3 and run it only for one or two days.

It took him about three dozen campaigns to get that first golden nugget. Currently he's got numerous campaigns making money, profiting him roughly $2-3K daily. Nice!

Yahoo even gave him a phone call to offer help in any way, since he's spending over $100 a day with them. He does no direct linking - only iframes and landing pages. He uses several CPA networks, such as Hydra.

And now for something completely different...here's where I'm at so far.

Overall I'm down about $100 I'd reckon. I've done around 3 dozen campaigns and just found my first golden nugget about 3 days ago. It's a good feeling when you find one let me tell you!

But that changed real quick-like. I received an email from the CPA network saying they are shutting me out of the offer.

They said the advertiser is banning me from all their offers due to traffic quality issues.


But my affiliate manager reassured me. She said not to worry because everyone gets banned with this advertiser - very picky apparently. The offer was on Affiliate.com network.

Soon afterward I uncovered another golden nugget.

However, within a day of finding it, Google slapped me.

My QS (quality score) went from like a 9 down to 2! I have a LP (landing page) that basically has only two sentences of text and a graphic image creative.

I'll have to create some real content on the page and make it more like a real website I guess.

In the meantime, I tried moving the golden nugget keyword and campaign to yahoo and MSN. MSN quickly rejected the campaign due to trademark issue regarding the keyword. I expect yahoo will come to the same conclusion because the keyword contains the word 'yahoo'. Interesting that google didn't complain about the trademark issue.

What am I going to do next?

I am going to go through all my past campaigns and look for any keywords that show any signs of potential.

Then I'll build new campaigns on just those keywords. Afterwards I'll resume cranking but with a bit of different keyword searching strategy. I'm gonna test focusing on a small list of keywords rather than a big fat spyfu generated list.

Right now I'm signed up with Affiliate.com, ClickBooth and MaxBounty. Today I'm going to apply on all the remaining of the 10 networks recommended by Arbitrage Conspiracy. Then tomorrow I will call all of them.

I purchased both SpyFu and SpeedPPC. I do all campaigns using iframe - no direct linking. I found that direct linking gave poor Quality Score. I have one campaign using a LP. Soon I'll be moving more and more from iframe to LP for my campaigns.


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